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the best part of me is that you have two hands on each other's fingers
FREEBIE!!! Love this activity! It is such a great way for students to focus on their strengths!
the book cover for art in math class
Make Math FUN! Add a Splash of Art!
great math-art integration ideas!
rainbow seller kit for paper, frames and ribbons
FREE Rainbow Seller Kit {JUMBO Freebie!}
a painting of some trees in the snow
Artwork published by Jacob6392
Winter trees
a painting of a tree with yellow leaves
Fall Art.
Splatter + Blow Painting
Top 10:  Best Books for Young Artists (ages 2-18) :: PragmaticMom Summer, Literacy, Reading Literature, Book Activities, Kids Reading, Children's Literature, Children’s Books, Young Adult Fiction
Top 10: Children's Books for Budding Artists (ages 2-18)
Top 10: Best Books for Young Artists (ages 2-18) :: PragmaticMom
a drawing of a hand with many different colors and patterns on it's palm
Monday Art Feature
from Runde's Room: Friday Art Feature - I
how to draw frills in adobe and photoshopped with the text below
Frills Tutorial by wyldflowa on DeviantArt
texture, space, form, value, pattern, art journal, Frills Tutorial by *wyldflowa on deviantART
watercolor techniques with text overlay that reads, watercolor techniques deep space sparkle
Deep Space Sparkle
Watercolor Techniques: a 6th grade experiment - Deep Space Sparkle
an abstract pattern with different colors and shapes on black, red, yellow, pink, gray
Paper Collage - line pattern -- could use this as background for 3rd grade self-portraits
two pictures with different lines and shapes on them
Cool and and super-easy zentangle drawing project
a person is sitting at a table with some art work on it and there are colored pencils in front of them
Hubble and Pastels
It's an art project with pastels inspired by pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. Science and art together in one activity! They are beautiful.