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a quilted wall hanging on the side of a building with lots of different colors
Scrappy New Year !
I have completed a year of the “Made On Monday” project, which involved making a 5 inch piece of artwork every week. I chose to make mine from the scraps left over from my other textile…
four square pieces of fabric with flowers and beads on them sitting on top of a table
First attempt at 'Inchies'!
a piece of art that is hanging up on the wall with some string attached to it
outdoors and indoors
fiberrainbow: outdoors and indoors
an art work made out of different colored glass tiles
Circles of life
Circles of life 2015, Jolande van Luijk (20)
a patchwork quilt with many different colors
Tansy Hargan - Composite embroidery. Linen and cotton fabric, acrylic paint, pigment ink, silk and cotton threads
a woven purse hanging from a tree branch on a white wall with no leaves or branches
All the hobbies. . . #wool #weave #woven #weaving #weaveweird #weaverfever #handmade #madeinmelbourne #weavingaustralia #modernmacrame…
a black and white pattern on fabric with the words rebecaatwooddesigns
Sashiko Stitch Fabric in Navy
Sashiko Stitch Fabric in Navy
three different colored rugs with designs on them