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purple and white flowers are in front of a large building with turrets on the roof
Ideas for French Destination Pre-wedding Activities
an aerial view of a large castle in the middle of a field with lots of grass
France, Chambord Castle
an old building with purple flowers growing on it's roof and steps leading up to the front door
Provence, France
an alley way with stone buildings and green shutters on either side, surrounded by greenery
Historical little Centre of Grimaud | Il piccolo borgo medie…
Provence, France
an aerial view of boats in the water from a balcony with railings and balconies
Villefranche-sur-Mer, Cote D'Azur, France
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a city with many cars parked around it
Postcards from Lille (Rijsel), France
Climb the Belfry Tower, Lille, France.
the eiffel tower is lit up at night with fountains in front of it
A Dream Life
Teintes douces , Paris. Soft hues, Paris.
the eiffel tower is lit up at night
♚ Eiffel Tower at Night
the eiffel tower is in the distance behind some statues
Look Up
Place de la Concorde, Paris. In the center, the grand obelisk that Napoleon brought back from his Egyptian campaign. Its twin, known as "Cleopatra's Needle" can be found in New York's Central Park. Simply Amazing!
a small river running through a lush green field next to a large castle on top of a hill
Connection Problem
Magnifique vue du #Mont-Saint-Michel et de ses marécages ! #Normandie
a large building with neon lights on it's sides and a windmill in the middle
Paris, France - Moulin Rouge
"Paris, France - Moulin Rouge" by Gilb7 on Flickr - This is Moulin Rouge in Paris, France.
the large cathedral is lit up at night
Dream World
Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral- I actually had a pick pocket who would not quit trying to rob me while on a tour inside Notre Dame.
an old building with a fountain in front of it
Le croissant d'argent : Photo
Hôtel de Ville, Paris
an old building with many spires on top of it's roof and trees in the foreground
Paris, Sacré Coeur
the eiffel tower lit up in red at night
Eiffel Tower in red
Eiffel Tower taken during the Chinese New Year 2004, when the lights on the Eiffel tower were turned red! By Caroline, Kelly, Connor & Jesse