Doll House

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an old book with a miniature figurine in the middle and bookshelves behind it
Altered Book Diorama by Dawn Morehead
a wooden clock with pictures and candles in it's display case on top of a table
Harry Potter & Disney 1/12 scale miniature models
an old fashioned stove is sitting on the floor
an open book with pictures on it and bookshelves in the middle that have been altered to look like old books
Altered Book Diorama by Dawn Morehead
an old book shelf with many books on it
an image of a room with many clocks on the wall and stairs to the second floor
a miniature model of an attic with flowers and plants on the table in front of it
Flower shop
a doll house with furniture and flowers on the porch
【 Calm place 〜道標〜 】 | miniature essenceplus
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