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✎ Rule №5 ✿FUNDAMENTALS OF POSING. LUMBAR SPINE.✿ ✏ It is worth remembering that the preceding rule applies to any pose. For example, when leaning against the wall, try to arch your lumbar spine, while keeping shoulder blades away from the wall. This pose will accentuate your gracefulness and give your body beautiful curves. ✔ #posingguide #modelposes #models #photo #photoaday #photoadaychallenge #photobomb #photobombed #photochallenge #backstage #beauty #fashion #lesson #lessonlearned
Fairy Poses-- love this! I never have a decent reference for the pose when drawing fairies! This is perfect!
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975daec493e3d67105980f68d5a8023a.png (440×3301)
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