It was a beautiful day around here, and so I looked out for a unique outdoor activity.  These big foot races were a lot of fun for the girls.  All you do is take shoe boxes and cut holes big enough so your kids can slip their feet in.  Then, you tape the lid to the box, have the kids put them on and race.  I love the idea of… {Read More}

Day #129 - Big Foot Races

Great field day activity or field day game. A simple shoe box turns into loads of fun in this multiple skill building game - Big Foot Relay. Discover all the sensory motor activities involved!

All sizes | Kindergarten, via Flickr.

I love how it has holes for added visuals, and peek-a-boo. Could easily be done with recycled cardboard.

experiment - sopka II

experiment - sopka II

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sheep popcorn basket, for our little sheep dog! Like the idea of using sheep with the theme. (Diy Food For Kids)

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DIY Boxes + Angry Bird dog toys + homemade sling shot (Y stick and a water ballon launcher secured to a board and platform that the person stands on)= tons of exercise, laughter and fun!

436ab8a64970fa6d0244392cae56ec3a.jpg 540 × 960 pixlar

436ab8a64970fa6d0244392cae56ec3a.jpg 540 × 960 pixlar

Okulöncesi Sanat ve Fen Etkinlikleri

this one sounds even easier to make: bubble snakes = easy quick craft. Cut the bottom off water bottle. Put old sock over bottom and duct tape. Add food coloring for fun. Dip end in dish soap mixed with a little water

A maze to end all mazes. | 31 Things You Can Make With A Cardboard Box That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

Funny pictures about Maze made from cardboard boxes. Oh, and cool pics about Maze made from cardboard boxes. Also, Maze made from cardboard boxes.

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Just adde some ART in my Etsy shop "My Style Art" It has been empty for some time so thought I need to add some ART :) Original paintin.