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BECOMING ARTIST: Community Board

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The Becoming Artist Movement combines contemporary art, spirituality, personal development and practical, money-making strategies to help artists around the globe make a powerful impact in the world. Artists are trained to become leaders of an International Creative Movement through the power of community. Join the Movement. Download our Manifesto. Learn how to Show Up As an Artist and Shine!

Sheila Metcalf Tobin #becomingartist #artist

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The process of uplevelling, stepping into your desires, and living your life as you've dreamt it is an amazing one...

Leah Libow #becomingartist #artist

Sharon Landon, "Saying YES to my present and future artist..." #becomingartist #becomingartistmovement #artist #yes

Karen Lockert #becomingartist #artist

Permission to take center stage and shine. With style. Last chance to register for tomorrow's online launch party - also known as the Permission Party. I'll take you behind the scenes of the permission I needed to get this far and what comes up (inevitably) along the way. #becomingartist #artist #permission

Dear Jessica, I am looking forward to your 5-day E-course! Here is my Becoming Artist Origami Ring. This was so much fun! I also included an origami bracelet made from folded pattern paper. The added jewels and gold accents reinforce your message of taking a stand for my brilliance and to remind myself to shine! Thank you!

As part of the Becoming Artist Movement, I've created an invitation for you to do the same. In classic creator-style, I made a Free 5 Day E-Course: A step-by-step guide to put your feet firmly on the path of who you're here to be. It's time to Claim Your Calling. It's time to Show Up as an Artistand Shine. Register here and SHARE this with all of your creative friends. A profound Movement is at hand! Great action requires fierce commitment.

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