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a close up of a glass door with many different colored items on it's side
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three wooden sculptures in front of a white wall with text reading rooted in nature explore our collection
Origins / Sculpture
We breathe life into reclaimed wood sourced directly from nature to create spectacular sculptures. With sustainability and upcycling at the core of what we do, Phillips Collection offers beautiful one-of-a-kind sculptures in our Origins Collection. Add a unique touch to your home with our best-selling Bleached Wood Sculptures! #PhillipsCo #home #design #interior #living #sculptures #origins #teak #wood #root #bleached #natural #nature #abstract #driftwood #reclaimedwood #origins #inspiration
a living room with a white couch and various decorative pieces on the wall behind it
Origins / Sculpture
five white sculptures on black bases against a blue background, one in the foreground and one in the back ground
Origins / Sculpture
a tree stump with beads hanging from it
Waterfall Driftwood Sun Catcher
a small bird sitting on top of a metal heart shaped ornament hanging from a tree
an art display with various items made from wood and metal eyes on the top, one eye has been cut out to look like owls
Owls at a fair. | Wood art projects, Upcycled crafts, Owl crafts