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Botanical Monoprinting Marsh Woundwort
a person holding up several small cards with buildings on them, all in different colors
Art book
mermaids and other sea creatures are depicted in this black and white drawing
Mermaids. Dark Ocean Stories. by Anastasia on @creativemarket
a painting of a mermaid sitting on top of a wave
Wall Art
Found it at Wayfair - 'Rapunzel Mermaid' Print on Canvas
a drawing of a mermaid swimming in the ocean with bubbles on it's tail
Mermaid with Bubbles SVG Vector Designs | Apex
a blue and white drawing of a mermaid holding a fish
Artist Rebecca King
the silhouettes of mermaids are shown in various poses
Set: Black-and-white ink sketch of mermaids. Hand realistic sketch of singing mermaid with moray eel. Vector illustration. Silhouette collection.