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science experiment bins with the words sink or float on them and an image of some sort
Ocean Activities to Get Our Preschoolers to "Seas" the Day - Turner Tots
a glass jar filled with water next to a pink ruler and text that reads winter science how much water is in snow?
How Much Water is in Snow? Science Experiments for Kids
snow volcano is an easy winter activity for kids to play in the snow and learn how to make it
Snow Volcano Science Experiment
a yellow bulletin board with pictures of different things on it and words written in small letters
Mon projet autour des 5 sens en maternelle - Projet cinq sens à l'école
four matching pictures on clothes pegs to match them with the word's name
Five senses activity for preschool and kindergarten
a collage of photos with the words my 5 senses discovery table
Preschool 5 Senses Sensory Station - Little Bins for Little Hands
a toy car made out of cardboard with red wheels and propellers attached to the top
Make a Simple Electric Propeller Car | STEAM / Science Project
simple electric propeller car
Colour Changing Flowers Science experiment
two children are painting on a sheet of paper with watercolors and paintbrushes
Exploring Colors with Baking Soda and Vinegar
Combine art and science in this fun and easy activity for kids using baking soda and vinegar! Such a fun science experiment for preschool and kindergarten!
a tray with a snowflake and a magnifying glass
winter: montessori style
snowflake matching. look through the magnifying glass to match the small and big one. love this
a desk that has some scissors and other items on it with a sign in the background
Solid Liquid and Gas
Solid Liquid and Gas