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A Biblical verse I will now quote often... - Gabriel Lucifer, big bag of dicks - Supernatural

Gabriel/The Trickster gives Lucifer the stone-cold truth. Oh, the things Supernatural can get away with!

This just made me cry

*flips table* Don't talk about Kevin. Don't talk about collage Sam. That hurts less than young kevin and collage Sam

castielus: spn meme → five brotps [4/5] ↳ dean/charlie “She’s like the little sister I never wanted.”

LARPing and the Real Girl - Dean/Charlie “She’s like the little sister I never wanted.

Their casting director had one job... Pretty much nailed it!

This is ridiculous. Give these casting directors an award, please. I can think of a few shows who could have used these casting directors(I'm looking at you, almost every "TV family" on the air these days).

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Misha on his kids. (This isn't real Misha on his kids. This interviewer was being rude and sick cuz he kept bringing up misha's wife's book on threesomes and wanting to know about that. Misha got fed up and started to answer like this. Go Misha!

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