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the cover of portugal by jeanne jehane, with an illustration of a bird in flight
Portugal by Madalina Andronic
Portugal by Madalina Andronic
a painting of a woman laying on top of a leopard
Leopard Garden by Caroline Bonne Muller
Illustration of woman and leopard in the garden by Caroline Bonne Muller
the cover of jehane's book, with many different hats on it
Thimbles by Caroline Bonne Muller
Thimbles pattern by Caroline Bonne Muller
a black background with flowers and bees on it
Bees and Roses by Nina Pace
#bees #roses #illustration
a book cover with seagulls flying over the water and buildings in the background
Seagulls at the Harbour by Caroline Bonne Muller
#seagulls #harbour #painting
an apple tree with two people on it and the words jehane above it
Harvest by Maja Lindberg
#apples #orchard #illustration #tree
a woman sitting on top of a rock next to a seal
Selkie by Anna Stead
#seal #woman #myth #magic
a black and white drawing of a man holding a star in his hand, with the words jehane above it
Wise Woman by Anna Stead
#woman #forest #moon #wise #cloak #mushroom
an illustrated book with watermelon, bananas, and other fruits
Fruit by Tracey English
#fruit #paper #cutout
a poster with different types of vases and pitchers on it's sides, including the words jehane
Cook Make Eat Drink by Tracey English
#kitchen #food&drink
an ink drawing of a flower with the name jehane on it's side
Passifloramedusozoa by Maria Matos
Highly detailed line drawing with dotwork #nature #illustration #dotwork
an orange background with birds in cages and hearts on the bottom right hand corner, which reads jehane
Birdcages by Madalina Andronic
Funky birdcages full of fruit!
A majestic mythical sword and lovely botanic surround Fairy Tales, Folk Art, Sword, Mythical, Medieval, Fantasy
Beowulf's Sword by Anna Stead
A majestic mythical sword and lovely botanic surround
two seashells are shown in black and white, with the words jehane written
The Sneaky Oyster & Her Keys by Maria Matos
Secrets of nature