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a book cover with seagulls flying over the water and buildings in the background
Seagulls at the Harbour by Caroline Bonne Muller
#seagulls #harbour #painting
#childrensbooks #illustration #shortstory Childrens Books, Childrens Book Cover, Children Illustration, Children’s Books, Artist, Book Artwork
Bertie and the Ginger Cat by Bex Parkin
#childrensbooks #illustration #shortstory
a pink house with potted plants and birds on the roof is featured in an article by jehane
Pink House by Tracey English
#paper #collage #house #pink
the front cover of jehane's christmas card book, featuring an image of a
Christmas Squirrel by Ali Brookes
#christmas #holiday #squirrel
a painting of flowers and butterflies with the words jehane written on it's side
Butterfly by Lee Foster-Wilson
#butterfly #markerpen #wildlife
#harbour #people #islands Studio, Book Art Projects, Book Cover Art, Holiday Art
Harbour by Katherine Quinn
#harbour #people #islands
an illustrated book with animals and trees in the background
Christmas in the Woods by Caroline Bonne Muller
#christmas #winter #woodland #creatures
#games #girl #toys #friends Friends, Toys, Games, Hopscotch, Childrens
Play Time by Caroline Bonne Muller
#games #girl #toys #friends
a frog sitting on top of a green grass covered field
Frog Prince by Anna Stead
#fairytale #frog #prince
an illustrated book cover for mailbox menage, with children and birds in the background
Mailbox Menagerie by Caroline Bonne Muller
#childrensbooks #bookillustration #story
an illustration of a rabbit with flowers and leaves on it's head, in front of the words jehane
Rabbit by Maria Matos
Rabbit with florals by my Portuguese artist Maria Matos #rabbit #flowers
an old book with a dog wearing a sweater on it's cover and the title, society of the crossed feathers
Racoon by Katherine Quinn
From her concept book 'Society of the Crossed Feathers'
an image of a van with balloons flying in the air and animals on it's roof
Maja Lindberg – 'Birthday Bus'
Colourful party bus with balloons!
an octopus is sitting in the bathtub with two people wearing hats and holding a faucet
Maja Lindberg – 'Bathtime'
Figurative children's book illustration
a woman sitting on top of a paper boat
Maja Lindberg – 'Sail Without Wind'
Origami boat dream
two for joy by jehane on the cover of her book, two for joy
Magpie by Anna Stead
Two for Joy, magpies from the children's nursery rhyme
the book cover for tinkerbell's flower garden by jehanne, featuring red flowers and tinkerbells on blue background
Maja Lindberg – 'Fairies & Flowers'
Floral figures
the cover of dear street by linda zar - yogi and carole bomer
Dear Street – Illustrated Children's Book by Caroline Bonne Muller
A girl shares her love for her neighborhood, and finds that love multiplies. Alice loves her street. But others, “Grumble, grumble, more construction, grumble,” don’t agree. So Alice writes her street a love letter, which she leaves for someone to find.
a birthday card with dinosaurs and birds on it, in front of a potted plant
Dinomite Birthday card – Caroline Bonne Muller
Birthday card with dinos in party hats around a big cake #birthday #lettering #dinosaurs
a christmas card with cats sitting on a pink chair in front of a christmas tree
Cats at Christmas – Caroline Bonne Muller
Cats playing around a Christmas tree with snow outside the window
an illustration of children dressed up as witches and bears in the woods with bats, pumpkins, and cats
Halloween Outing – Caroline Bonne Muller
Kids in costume with Halloween animals
Girl reading line drawing Pencil Drawings, Reading, Girl Reading
Girl Reading Pencil Drawing – Maja Lindberg
Girl reading line drawing
a painting of a woman walking on the beach with a fish in her hand and a dog nearby
Day Out At The Beach – Maja Lindberg
A girl's day out at the beach with her pet animals
a drawing of a woman in a pink dress holding an umbrella next to a black and white striped tent
Circus Dancer – Maja Lindberg
Circus dancer with umbrella
the sea is always treasures and stories unfoldd by julia o'kee
The Sea So Full of Treasures Untold – Lee Foster-Wilson
Mermaids & Seashells
a drawing of dogs and cats in the woods
Dogs by Tracey English
#dogs #park #cutout
a drawing of a double decker bus with children's artwork
London Bus by Tracey English
Iconic London bus paper cutout #london #bus #collage
a whale with the words wish for whale on it's back and an image of a
W is For Whale by Tracey English
Children's alphabet illustration #whale #cutout #alphabet
a ladybug with the words lies for ladybird on it's back
L is for Ladybird by Tracey English
Children's alphabet illustration #nature #alphabet #bugs
two colorful owls sitting next to each other on top of a white background with the words jehane
Two Owls by Tracey English
#nature #owls #cutouts
an animal themed wallpaper with various animals and plants
Cute Critters pattern by Ali Brookes
All these animals are having a blast just being themselves! There anteater, sloth, porcupine and more… #wildlife #illustration #surfacepattern
the cover of an illustrated book with two dogs on top of a pole and flowers in the background
Gold fox carousel illustration by Jenny Zemanek
Decorative illustration of a fox carousel with floral elements #fox #carousel #funfair
an illustration of a mother bear hugging her baby
Bear & Cubs by Maja Lindberg
Mamma bear and her cubs in the woods #family #mom #bears #forest #illustration
the cover of jehane's book, featuring an image of many different animals
Animal Portraits by Katherine Quinn
How sweet are these little critters! Like framed paintings on the wall #animals #portraits
the cover of jehane's book, featuring an image of many different animals
Animal Portraits by Katherine Quinn
How sweet are these little critters! Like framed paintings on the wall #animals #portraits
an illustration of a woman looking at herself in the mirror while she holds her dog
Magic Greenhouse by Bex Parkin
A girl going on an adventure to a magical world with her dog #floral #adventure #childrensbook
an image of leaves with monkeys on them
Forest Children by Katherine Quinn
The forest sprites are all wrapped up in their leafy beds #forest #childrensbookart #illustration
two people are facing each other in front of a wolf and the words, fire we will wed it your way for now
Fine We Will Do It Your Way … For Now – Katherine Quinn
Grumpy teenagers! Wolf-human teenagers having a disagreement #teenagers #wildlife #wolves
an octopus with the words o is for octopus
Tracey English
O is for Octopus! #alphabet #animals #kids #illustration
a drawing of a double decker bus with children's artwork
Tracey English
We ❤️ the London bus! Animals taking a ride through town #animals #bus #kids #illustration
an onion with the word onion written in it's upper and lowercase letters
Tracey English
O for onion! #alphabet #illustration #vegetables
a blue bird is standing next to a yellow vase with flowers and plants in it
Tracey English
Bird chilling next to a pretty vase of flowers #flowers #bird
an illustration of a blue cow surrounded by leaves and plants with the words everyday is an adventure
Tracey English
Curious cat prowling in the undergrowth… #cat #illustration
an image of a christmas card with santa's sleigh in the sky
Maja Lindberg
Santa's got his work cut out tonight! Time to fly over the rooftops in Maja's illustration #holiday #christmas #santa #illustration
a hot air balloon flying through the sky with a dog in it's basket
Maja Lindberg
It's adventure time as these two pals float away in their hot-air balloon! #kids #illustration #adventure
a painting of a man with a pirate hat and beard
Maja Lindberg
Gnarly old pirate captain #kids #illustration #pirate
an image of children's book cover with fish
Maja Lindberg
Discovering an underwater wonderland… there's lots in store for intrepid explorers! #underwater #illustration #kids
a painting of a woman walking on the beach with a fish in her hand and a dog nearby
Beach Holiday by Maja Lindberg
Girl on the beach with lots of animal friends #beach #holiday #animals
an image of a carousel with animals on it and the caption jehane
Circus Carousel by Maja Lindberg
Animals riding on a circus merry-go-round carousel #circus #animals #carousel
a painting of a woman in a field with red flowers and an orange bird flying over her head
Field of Hope by Maja Lindberg
Young girl painting colour to a poppy field #illustration #hope #childrens