It only takes a weekend to build a pretty summer seat in your garden with housetohome's guide to creating a turf seat

How to create a turf seat

How to create a turf seat around a tree. Imagine leaning against the tree and looking out over your own garden. - Gardening And Patio

living willow outdoor structure - Recherche Google

Living Structures Vol. Willow Installation by Willow Culture, Northumberland, via the AvantGardens FB group

How to make a hurdle (fence panel) with only wood and hand-tools. These could be used for many things other than fencing.

Wattle Garden Beds - Different Ideas (Using Green Tree Branches as a Building Material)

Walnuts Farm, Sussex.

Garden Visit: Camera Ready in the English Countryside at Walnuts Farm

Wattle arch of hazel. Hazel is the most common wood used for wattling in Europe.

wattle arch - many pictures of wattle fencing, site includes how to video and…

Papillon™ Hazel Hurdles 6ft Fencing Panel Woven from coppiced hazel to a traditional pattern, this beautiful, robust and eco-friendly 6ft hazel fence panel will make a perfect practical addition to your garden. Bring a part of the countryside to your very own gard

Hazel Hurdles Fencing Panel 1.82m x 1.82m (6ft x 6ft) - By Papillon™

Their handcrafted hurdle fence panels are woven from the coppice wood of the hazel tree.

Hazelwood Hurdle Fence Panel

Handcrafted Hazelwood Hurdle Fence Panels are woven from the coppice wood of the hazel tree. The panels can be installed on nearly any type .