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Save the bay from an oil spill

Save the Bay

Science Fair Projects - Save the Bay

An environmental engineer’s perspective on the BP oil spill | Radio Vice Online

Afterburner w/Bill Whittle: The Lynching

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Oil and Gas Formation

Oil and Gas Formation

A fast paced explanation of how many oil and gas deposits form and how we explore for them.

Lesson Plan: Oil Spill Solutions

eGFI – For Teachers » Lesson Plan: Oil Spill Solutions

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The Gulf Oil Spill Disintegrated This Island

The Gulf Oil Spill Disintegrated This Island

April 14, 2015 - Cat Island was once one of the four largest bird-nesting grounds in Louisiana. But the Deepwater Horizon oil spill killed the mangroves growing there, destroying the root system that held the island's sediment in place. Since 2010, the 5.5 acre island has been washing away into the Gulf of Mexico, and migratory birds find their home disappearing before their eyes.Click here to read more:"Scientists tracking Gulf sparrows, insects, and seabirds try to unravel the mysteries of…

Oil spill may have killed the Dolphins

Oil May Have Killed Gulf Dolphins

Mass deaths likely stemmed from the BP spill in 2010, researchers say

Oil can be seen in the Gulf of Mexico, more than 50 miles southeast of Venice on Louisiana's tip, as a large plume of smoke rises from fires on BP's Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig in April 2010. Deep-water drilling is set to resume near the site of the catastrophic BP PLC well blowout that killed 11 workers and caused the nation's largest offshore oil spill five years ago off the coast of Louisiana. [Associated Press]

Oil drilling to begin again near site of 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in Gulf of Mexico

Oil Exploration Game

Oil Exploration Game

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The Magnetic Wand That Cleans Oil Spills: Upgrade


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Dispersant more toxic to coral than oil

Dispersant used to clean deepwater horizon spill more toxic to corals than the oil

The dispersant used to remediate the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is more toxic to cold-water corals at lower concentrations than the spilled oil, according to a new study that comes on the eve of the spill's fifth anniversary, April 20th.

Activity: Oil Spill Activity

Small-Scale Modeling of Oil Spill Cleanup Methods - Activity

This hands-on experiment provides students with an understanding of the issues that surround environmental cleanup. Student teams create their own oil spills, try different methods for cleaning them up, and then discuss the merits of each method in terms of effectiveness (cleanliness) and cost. They are asked to put themselves in the place of both environmental engineers and oil company owners who are responsible for the cleanup.

Lesson: Oil Spill

Oil Spill Consequences and Cleanup Technologies - Lesson

Students explore an important role of environmental engineers—cleaning the environment. They learn details about the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which was one of the most publicized and studied human-caused environmental tragedies in history. Then, in the associated activity, students experiment with many "engineered" strategies to clean up their own manufactured oil spill and learn the difficulties in dealing with oil released into our waters.

3 Human-Caused Disasters

3 Human-Caused Disasters

Think natural disasters are bad? Humans do a pretty good job on our own. Michael Aranda co-hosts this infusion to explain. ------------ Like SciShow? Want to...

Oil Spill Solutions | TryEngineering

Oil Spill Solutions - TryEngineering.org Powered by IEEE

Lesson focuses on how engineers use various techniques to provide speedy solutions to oil spills or other threats to natural water resources. Through this lesson, students work in teams to analyze an "oil spill" in the classroom, then design, build, and test a system to first contain, and then remove the oil from the water. Students select from everyday items to build their oil containment and clean-up systems, evaluate the effectiveness of their solution and those of other teams, and…

5 things the gulf ocean spill have taught us about the ocean

Five Things The Gulf Oil Spill Has Taught Us About the Ocean

While researching the spill, scientists tracked deep-sea sharks, found new mud dragons, and discovered a type of ocean current