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Give me this to read days of poetry under the trees, and to write poems looking out on the world. I would live a happy, happy life.

This is actually Rioveggio in Italy but it might as well be England and since I know that theres a number of you having beautiful, lazy Autumn days off today heres a lovely place for you to picture yourself right now. (by chiara lana)

Wyoming - Grand Teton National Park - Photo by Jordan Edgcomb - Going this summer!

Sat at this turnout many mornings enjoying my coffee and scenery.Wyoming - Grand Teton National Park - Sunset On Schwabacher’s by Jordan Edgcomb america mountain sky clouds lake sea forest tree landscape amazing nature reflection

Could kill josh for not wanting to go now  oh well katlyn us still going with her teacher.  Ib would love to go but I can't take off:(

Cinque Terre, the rugged and colourful villages that stretch along the coast of Italy are a photographers dream. Go before the ticket system stops you!

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Hey guys so for the few of you who will read this, I'm going to be helping you out if you're doing inktober this month by pining things related to the daily prompts. This is from the official 2017 Inktober list.