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a black and white drawing of a dog with its mouth open, standing on one leg
Smaller (A5) sized single plate cut of Willoughby, Nax's dog.
a bag hanging on a wall with the words heart of the black hills printed on it
Heart Of The Black Hills Fort Wayne, Indiana
an old book cover with the title rising strong on it's front and back
Un-chosen comp for Brené Brown's new book, out on August 25th. More to come then.
an old advertisement for sweet - o'r work clothes
Captured in the wilds of the Internets. #typehunter #vintagetypography
Captured in the wilds of the Internets. #typehunter #vintagetypography
a paper bag with a horse drawn on it
Brandmoose: I will design custom professional logo for $15 on fiverr.com
an old advertisement from the early 1900's shows two men in overalls and hats
Bulls Eye Overalls Memo Book (Cover), Tennessee Overall Co. 1938-1939
there is a sign on the floor that says northland seeds
Minneapolis, Minnesota