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10 Educational Crafts- great for visual learners! #kidsmath Oppgaver For Barn, Aktiviti Prasekolah, Aktiviti Tadika, Relief Teaching Ideas, مشروعات العلوم, Aktiviti Kanak-kanak, Maths Activities, Seni Dan Kraf, Kraf Diy
10 Educational Crafts- great for visual learners! #kidsmath
four pieces of colored paper are sitting on a table
Fractions in First Grade
Great fractions tips on this blog post!! One of the tips: Use dough to practice halves fourths eighths etc.
pop - up bar graphs interactive math journal
Math Journal Sundays - Bar Graphs
Math Journal Sundays - Bar Graphs - Pop-Up Bar graphs and double bar graphs for interactive math journals or as a stand-alone activity.
the rainbow addition is an easy way to learn how to use it for numbers and counting
Making 10 Rainbow Addition Games Bundle
Rainbow Addition Addition Combinations to 10 Posters Games Craft $
two children's hands are drawn on a piece of paper with colored strips in the background
Artwork published by Caitlyn1016
Great, quick art project for the first weeks of school. What a fun to decorate and personalize the classroom.
a little boy holding up some colorful pieces of paper
Babyccino Kids | SLOTXOGAME88
Teaching symmetry and a craft that looks super cool! // Babyccino
an art project made with colored paper and crayons on the bottom half of it
Artwork published by Yunus6
Divide a sheet in two pieces. Cut houses out of constructionpaper. Glue them on the upper half of the sheet. Paint the same houses below the glued ones, suggesting the reflections in the water.
a child playing with lego bricks on the floor and in front of it is an image of
Teaching Symmetry to Preschoolers with LEGO Bricks
Preschool math activity that uses LEGO to teach symmetry.
a black and white drawing of a snowman throwing a ball in the night sky
Artwork published by Layla585
Simple way to teach symmetry and art.
an array of city buildings are on display in a bookcase with the words array city written above them
Multiplication Array City!
combine math and art with this array city project