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an owl is looking out from its nest in a tree trunk that has been hollowed open
The Beauty of Wildlife
Eurasian Eagle Owl by Rob Reijnen
Singing Wren | Morning Birds Chirping
many yellow flowers with faces painted on them
Фото 894655226334 из альбома Разное. Смотрите в группе Группа для бабушек в ОК
a blue and green bird sitting on top of a pine tree branch next to a stone wall
Příroda a ptáci. Život v přírodě. Sýkorka modřinka. Ptáci naší zahrady.
Woodpecker building a safe nest
A Nightingale Sings | Bird Song
Also known as the Common Nightingale this member of the chat family is a relatively nondescript little bird that has charmed listeners with its powerful and varied song for generations.