Vachata Jaroslav

Vachata Jaroslav

Vachata Jaroslav
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Quotes by Scorpio: I see everything. That is my curse.

The intuition. This is not a curse, it's a gift. Intelligent people like this are beyond special to have. It's a blessing, not a curse ❣

:: Charcoal and Bone VIII by ~napoleoman. ::

quick drawing of a skeleton I did between 2 classes in the drawing studio. I wanted to draw the model who was there, but the class was so freakin packed. Charcoal and Bone VIII

Jonathan Coe.   I used to sit on the stairs leading to my bedroom in a similar fashion. Her melancholy is also familiar to me.

Encaustic photograph by Leah MacDonald (Encaustic photography combine photography with the ancient art of painting using beeswax and pigments in a layering technique that embellishes the surface and lends a painterly effect to imagery)