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Logic X's Drummer is excellent at creating realistic drum patterns using the supplied kits.

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Creating Side Chained Grooves with Logic Pro’s Tremolo Plug-In : AskAudio Magazine

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Create Rhythmic Sound Effects using Logic Pro’s Delay Designer : AskAudio Magazine

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Making sounds pop out in stereo can add much needed dimension to flat sounding mixes. In this tutorial, Darren Burgos shows you how using Logic Pro X.


Julie Watai continues to express her unique view of the world as a photographer, musician and if the occasion demands, an idol. What otaku culture is this gifted creator focused on right now…Read on!

Mini Moog from 1970 started the journey of synthesizer, providing affordable synthesizer to musicians.The legacy is still being carried today by Roland which is equally popular as the time when it was first launched. This beautiful infographic to drool over is presented to you Indigoboom, an online music store helping independent music artists to sell music online.

The Mini Moog started the synthesizer journey in providing affordable synths to musicians.Roland continues the legacy to the present day. Infographic by an online music store helping independent music artists to sell music online.