Make sensory bags for baby using gallon ziplocks, fun duct tape, clear hair gel, food coloring, glitter, nonsharp toys.

The Ultimate List of Baby Play Ideas

Sensory Bag for Baby - Plain Vanilla Mom. Zip-top bag(s), hair gel, toys like rubber frogs and Silly Bandz, duct tape. (And supervision).

Busy bag

Busy Bag: Match Shapes, Colors and Sizes with colorful beads

Busy Bag (learning activity) for Toddlers and young children. Self-contained activity that you can pack and pull out when needed. [wonder if i can find a similar free printable and use my own foam shapes and such]

35.jpg (895×1280)

35.jpg (895×1280)

Play Create Explore: Baby Oil Sensory Bags

Sensory bags are so neat, and it seems like everybody& doing them these days, but in the kids activities world, when everyone.