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a man standing next to two large bird cages made out of sticks and wire, in front of a green field
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A pair of large willow obelisks
a bird feeder hanging from the side of a tree with two birds in it's nest
Small wild bird feeder
Fill with peanuts or fat balls and this woven, willow feeder will offer the smaller birds in your garden some protection while they eat. Natural and biodegradable this eco-friendly feeder will blend seamlessly into any wild space and bring a little handcrafted charm to your garden. A perfect gift for your bird watching loved ones. Dimensions (Approx) 14cm length 13cm diameter Colours vary depending on stocks.
a wooden structure made out of sticks sitting on top of a stone floor next to trees
Willow Obelisk
a group of plants that are sitting in the dirt
Patchwork idées jardin - Autour d'un jardin
Patchwork idées jardin - Autour d'un jardin
three baskets sitting in the snow next to a fence
Плетение из лозы
a wicker basket sitting on top of a wooden table
two hands are holding twigs with one hand and the other is pulling them apart from each other
Jak uplést velikonoční pomlázku | Český Kutil.cz
many different pictures of baskets with people working on them and making something out of them
Pile Tossen
a woman standing next to a tall wooden structure made out of sticks and branches,
Weaving a Willow Basket
Weaving a willow basket for next week’s Crafter retreat! I will be soending 3 days in San Diego, teaching four different workshops about wild basket weaving. Can’t wait!