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Crashed Dornier 17, London suburbs,  September.

Pictured: A Nazi plane ploughed into a row of terraced houses in England. It is not known if this was a pilot error or battle damage

Fw 189

A German recon crew poses in front of a in an airfield near Kursk in the winter of Air recon on the Eastern Front played a vital role given the enormous expanses of land comprising the field of operations.

Vintage Dreams

Vintage Dreams

The recovery of a long-crashed Bf-109 from a lake

In sixty-one years after crash landing on a frozen Russian lake, this Messerschmitt Bf 109 became one of the most impressive recovered wrecks of WWII.

Flying Tiger

This is an illustration entitled "Sand Shark" by Randall Scott. I usually do not post artwork here, but I found it worthy and amusing.

Old B 52 Bombers yard in USA  God bless America!

Aircraft Graveyard --- at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, Arizona - Hundreds of Stratofortress bombers are stored here in the desert. These planes, whose flying days are over, are preserved for spare parts.

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The jacket features the gold-on-black US ARMY tape and the black-on-white name tape. Headgear is the "baseball" utility cap.