diy wall decor. Kurk onderleggers bekleden met een leuk stofje. Een leuk mini prikbord voor aan de muur!

Fabric covered circle bulletin boards - I will use for his art with kiddie fabrics. Corkboard trivets really inexpensive at Ikea! no link - but just used fabric and glue:)

Trace your child/ren or grandchild/ren's hand on the first day of school each year

Wish I would have discovered this idea 14 years ago! Trace their hand every first day of school . This will make me cry! Original craft is a cute idea also, but I love the idea of first day of school hand prints!

9820_786310134717077_164310435_n.jpg (673×960)

9820_786310134717077_164310435_n.jpg (673×960)

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