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there are many different items that can be used to organize the craft room or office space
Crafts and DIY Community: Toilet Paper Roll Storage Ideas | Crafts and DIY Community
two pictures showing how to make a paper boat with scissors and yarn in the middle
make a Basket from a Toilet paper roll - Craft ~ Your ~ Home
make a Basket from a Toilet paper roll
a metal wreath hanging on the wall with a white flower in it's center
TP Roll Wreath
Toilet paper roll wreath- Maybe spray paint rolls green and use a red bow for Christmas.
how to make paper flowers out of construction paper - step by step instructions on how to make
Most inspiring pictures and photos!
Paper flower
paper flowers are arranged in the shape of a circle on a green wall with purple accents
Toilet Paper Roll Flowers
a metal owl with leaves on it's face in a circular shape, hanging from the wall
Feito com rolinho de papel higiênico.
a wreath made out of green paper with red buttons and leaves on the front side
Toilet Paper Roll Wreath by Crescent and Old Lace. The tutorial is in another language but the pictires spell it out pretty clear. Great project to do with kids. Would be awesome for teacher to do with students to give to parents as gifts.
two wine corks are hanging from strings with green leaves on them and red grapes in the middle
Wooden cork grape bunch christmas tree ornaments (set of-11 Main