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a woman's hat with crochet pattern on the front and back of it
Шапки, шляпы, шарфы, снуды, накидки
Sombreros tejidos acrochet
an old fashion dress is being displayed on a display case with instructions for the pattern
Детские платья крючком схемы. Детские ажурные платья крючком | Все о рукоделии…
a crocheted headband with a brown hat on top of it and an image of a mannequin's head
Повязка для волос крючком
an image of some fruit bags on a wooden table
Que tal ?? O que vocês acham que são??? By @konkina_fairytoys #crochet #duvida #melancia #kiwi #laranja #brincadeira #dica #sugestao #inspiration #inspiracion #adorei #croche #artesanato
there are two pictures of knitted items on the same page, and one has a stuffed animal in it
Magia szydełka- inspiracje,ściegi i wzory dla każdego.
MiiMii - rękodzieło dla mamy i córki.: Magia szydełka- inspiracje,ściegi i wzory dla każdego.
an image of some crocheted laces on a wooden surface and another photo of the
Вязание крючком
Нина: вязаный воротник крючком... Really pretty collar,and one of the easier ones to crochet!!
the crochet headband is made with pink yarn and has an intricate design on it
Szydelko - - Odkrywaj, kolekcjonuj, kupuj
an old crochet pattern for a dress, and the same piece of clothing
Топ спицами
Blusa original.
a crocheted skirt is shown on the page