Clay Dishes with Pine Imprints

Evergreen Imprinted Clay Dishes @ Urban Comfort -- I have a soap dish, for the kitchen, that my mom brought back to me as a souvenir. I may try making these myself.

Make these sweet Embossed Clay Star Decorations using air drying clay and hang on your tree this Christmas.


My love affair with all things clay continues with these embossed clay stars. I can't get enough of this air drying clay. With christmas only a few weeks away clay tree decorations seemed like the best thing to make next.

Ceramic flower garden art.

Ceramic flower garden art - buttercup

Gyerekjáték lesz!

Christmas Clay Tags 2015 Collection of handmade clay tags for your holiday decorating. Use for Christmas tree ornaments, gift tie-ons, garlands, napkin holders and more.

Pasta isn’t just an easy dinner idea anymore. When uncooked, these hard shells are the perfect materials for an afternoon craft. Scroll on to read about cute cat necklaces made from macaroni, how pasta can teach kids about the human body and help them discover how to make patterns. googletag.display('dfp-tag-ATF-MOBILE-TOP'); photo: MollyMoo Macaroni Cat Necklace This hip cat necklace is the purrrfect accessory for your animal lover, and fortunately enough it’s incredibly easy to...

Activities You’ll Want to Copy + Pasta Into Your Afternoon

A simple and brilliant idea to be realized at school with clay slabs: colored tiles imprinted with different shapes of pasta. Farfalle, penne, fusilli or spaghetti become interesting tools to creat…