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Scrap wood in garage: This is perfect for all my yard/garden tools that are currently taking up a huge amount of floor space, half propped up and half falling all over the place.

Clever Tool Storage Ideas

If you're looking for creative ideas about how to store more of your tools in your workshop, you'll find a dozen great ones here!

Fruit Turkey Snack--- except make a peacock instead of turkey by adding purple grapes and maybe do a dark pear body...

Fruit Peacock [Fun Food For Kids] (Pears and grapes are a great source of fiber but kids will just think this is FUN! Healthy food lets kids produce healthy poo that makes easier.

I remember my mom making this for me so good and cute

CREAM CHEESE OLIVE PENGUINS diy food ideas photography snack craft food party favor ideas - fun appetizer for Christmas or winter party