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Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer MSG concert 1D

I love how they are best friends. how they stick together through all the hate. how they can relate to eachother because they are both amazing girlfriends. Liam and Louis love them very very much. We Love You Dani And El.

Eleanor Calder - 17 Feb 2013 - London Fashion Week

Eleanor is the most stunning girl I've ever seen.she's just so beautiful:) every single picture!

Eleanor Calder

I showed my little sister (is 3 years old) a picture of Eleanor and she said, 'She's ppprrreeeeettttyyyyyy I love her hair!

red luv

Little Red Riding Hood, the girl who wear the red hoodie. In case you didnt realise I love red. I post stuff that is related to red naming from red tomato sauce you see on pizzas to red brick. Only that you see red stuff more on a girl interest. My main