You too can have an Apple Laptop OK this is kinda Bunny

Although I do own a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, I often wonder what causes our society to be so obsessed with Apple products. Generally laptops and phones from Apple will be just as good from other, more reasonably priced brands.

This will happen if you keep your fart lol!


From the World of Crussell, this has to be the best photo of when you know you shouldnt wear lycra or fo rthat matter socks and sandles!

USB Keys

Funny pictures about Piggy USB Hub. Oh, and cool pics about Piggy USB Hub. Also, Piggy USB Hub photos.

Rozdíl mezi muži a ženami

Rozdíl mezi muži a ženami #16

#1 Fat guy Avocado costumes

10 Fresh Memes Today!#1 Awesome Costumes: Fat Guy Met Avocado.

Po letech tvrdé práce v McDonalds jsem si konečně koupil foťák.

Nejsem elektrikář, ale něco mi řiká

Nejsem elektrikář, ale něco mi řiká

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