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WW1 - Austria Ungheria.

The last monarch of Austria (and the last king of Hungary, as Karl IV), Emperor Karl I, During a visit to the front

Hellblade | Blood Eagle Peeled open skin tied up to other parts of the monster's arms/legs

Key concept for the Hellblade teaser. I also ended up doing the sculpting and texturing for the blood eagle guy, planning to put together .

My personal favorite: have them die in a necessary danger that was created by the protagonist to eventually bring down the antagonist

Make the book sum up. And then on the last page kill the most lovable character by the main protagonist and the protagonist likes it. How to make a characters death sadder

the Burning Beast. Constantly in pain, it's flesh is burned away almost as soon as it reforms. Driven to continue living by a cruel master.

sticksandsharks: “ Wolvendaughter and the Burning Beast another Slava design (some of you old timers might remember I posted the Burning Beast design years ago) ”

66 Logo Simple, and Minimalistic Logo Designs

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