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Phone charger future

Cable Case for iPhone 6 integrates an 8 Pin USB cable in to the back of the iPhone case allowing you to always have a charger on-hand. Easiest way to charge your iPhone now from any USB source, now the cable is always with you. Buy now for Dhs.

How can I use my smartphone with a new car stereo? That's one of the questions our advisors get asked most frequently. Find out what your options are with MHL/HDMI, Bluetooth, and USB

Learn Some Great Tips To Make Your Tablet More Useful. You've wanted to use your tablet more and more, but sometimes, you get stuck with it being such a new technology.

Orbitkey uses a locking mechanism that holds your keys together eliminating any rattling and stopping them from ruining your pockets or the inside of your bag.

Orbitkey lets you carry your keys in a neat stack, avoid scratching your other belongings and without the irritating jingling of keys.

15 quirky gadgets and accessories to buy today

Boost Portable Charger - It packs an impressive lithium battery in its diminutive frame. It can be used with just about majority of the players, smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras out there.

Window Mounted Solar Charger

Stay prepared no matter where you’re traveling with this window-mounted solar rechargeable power bank. Designed to get you out of a jam, it features a lithium-ion internal battery that can provide a boost of energy for your smartphone or tablet device.

Endlessly Handy Elastic iPhone Case

Endlessly handy elastic iPhone case - you aren't supposed to put your debit/credit card against your phone, but this is great for other stuff like earbuds