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a wooden shelf with two open shelves on each side, against a white brick wall
Architectural Decorative Victorian Walnut and Brass Library Steps Ladder, Stairs
ship's ladder | Folding Ship's Ladder image 2
there is a ladder built into the wall
Echenne meunière escamotable
a ladder leaning against the wall in a kitchen
Stairs and ladders
Holy staircase, that's awesome! If I decide to turn the vaulter ceiling area…
an empty room with a skylight above it and some hanging objects on the wall
Kartwheel Studio
Pulley ladder
there is a ladder in the corner of this room with no carpet on the floor
Loft Ladder
the ladder is leaning against the wall in the room
a wooden ladder leaning up against a white wall
Mooi blank Eiken ontwerp voor entresol
In een woning in het centrum van Utrecht was ruimte toegevoegd door het inpassen van een "entresol". Een entresol is de uit het Fr...
there is a ladder that has been built into the side of a building with shelves
Really clever ladder design by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions
a ladder in the middle of an attic
The Backyard & Beyond | Discover the Possibilities
Slots in the latter allow it to fold flat to the wall when not used
there is a wooden stair case next to the door
Réalisation d’une échelle meunière escamotable en sapin
a wooden structure is being built on the wall
Réalisation d’une échelle meunière escamotable en sapin
two wooden ladders are next to each other
Access to loft
an empty living room with stairs leading up to the second floor
Amazing Chalet Design For Your Winter Chalet
the stairs are made out of wood and have drawers on each side
Final photos from the builders - Interior
Photo from Tumbleweed Tiny Home, Cypress model. Love the stairs, fitting in a tight space, with storage underneath. Maybe add a railing?
steps made out of plywood are shown in this collage
Staircase in the Little Big House built by Bear Creek Carpentry Company.