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tiny house - WANT!

16 year old builds his own tiny house on wheels. This is a tumbleweed tiny house design. Check them out! Great for the minimalist

Donuts Coffee Shop - Mixed Media Sculpture A mixed media sculpture of a Brooklyn donut shop. Original storefront structure located near and Union, Park Slope area of Brooklyn, New York.

Storeage creates mobile coffee bar and office for ING cafe

ing express mobile coffee bar - Adding to the increasing number of pop-up establishments around the world is the ING Express mobile coffee bar in Amsterdam. Created by Storeage, a.

SnackBox by ÆDIFICA & MüvBox, New York fast food

There is a recent addition to food options in Times Square: snackBOX, a free-standing kiosk serving traditional New York street food such as hot dogs, coffee, donuts, bage…

Moleskine store, New York other stores

Moleskine’s first stand-alone store in the States opened today at the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle. Straddling the line between “large kiosk” and “intimate shop,” the ovular orange stall stocks more than just the namesake notebooks.