Janov Klon
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Вальднер iTable - следующее поколение столов для пинг-понга

“Waldner” – the next generation ping pong table, is made with an advanced computer system integration. The table has a multi-touch surface, which responds to human touch and real world objects, like ping-pong balls.

This glowing table tennis paddles are called "Light Tape Table Tennis Bats". It would be amazing when you are going to play at a slightly dim area using this kind of bat.

Light Tape Table Tennis Bats Extreme Rich Red and Extreme Kryptonite edged bats produced for a cinema advertisement.

An Outdoor Ping Pong Table for Design Lovers

POPP, Public Ping Pong Worldwide, is making it easier to play. They make free-to-use, permanent ping pong tables for parks and open spaces around Australia.