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A London-based real-estate agency that specializes in modern architecture has produced a book about some of England’s most stunning houses

World Record - Solar Cell with 44.7% Efficiency

World Record - Solar Cell with Efficiency

VW Campervan Toaster

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FlyKly Smart Bicycle Wheel

The Smart Wheel by FlyKly Bikes is a motorized bike wheel that can fit on almost any bike, instantly turning a regular bike into an electric one, opening up the options of who can bike commute, where, how far and in what terrain.

Cliff House by Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

This boxy wooden house by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects extends over the edge of a rocky outcrop on the Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia.

Polaris Airless Tires

rhubarbes: Polaris Sportsman H. with Terrain Armor Non-Pneumatic Tires. (via Polaris Sportsman H. with Terrain Armor Non-Pneumatic Tires

Infographic Coins

Do you still remember infographic coins that we featured it here? Well, Mac Funamizu has announced that the concept won red dot award: design concept

Bublcam - 360º Camera Technology

Bubl Technology Inc. is raising funds for Bublcam: Camera Technology for Everyone on Kickstarter! The bublcam is a camera and software technology that shares everything around you through spherical photos and videos.

Sun flower, solar cell street lamp sans external power supplies

Future of Street illumination Devices