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Solar panels just got a classy-looking upgrade.

A fully transparent solar cell that could make every window and screen a power source By Jamie Lendino Transparent luminescent solar concentrator, Michigan State University

Want this running through my house

The owner of this house wanted to make a feature of the natural light from his Solatube® Daylighting System and has certainly achieved that with this clever structure. We hear that the effect on a full-moonlit night is stunning too!

Cutting Board

The cutting board with a storage drawer is great for cooking at home when you have a lot of crap to cut but no where to put it. With the West Elm storage cutting board you can cut/chop/dice your food,.

Grill Master: A Foolproof Guide to Grilling..... Don't screw up summertime cooking

Properly Cook Meats and veggies according to the US standards. Healthy Grill USA uses some different and productive methods without producing carcinogens. Besides that, depending of the way people like the food we can decrease or increase grilling time.


swimmer - perspective such a fun picture!Welker Photography of Boise Idaho is always looking for good ways to pose our clients. This is a great pose we may have to add to our recommended poses.I need to take a photo like this in my swimmer classes