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BSG : The WOOD.b Bike

The Wood Bike is a new urban bicycle designed by Strasbourg-based BSG, in partial collaboration with Thibaut Malet. The bikes are constructed from a fascinating hybrid of wood and steel.

Plywood Frame Recumbent

Plywood Frame Recumbent: Frame constructed from plywood, chain stays are oak, and seat supports are plywood.

Zecc Architects, together with interior designer Roel Norel, have designed a small contemporary cottage in a rural area north of Utrecht in The Netherlands.

Using glass, a series of movable wooden screens, wood slats, and a slate roof Zecc Architecten & Roel van Norel create a small modern cottage that can adapt to the needs of the users in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Image from http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/picture.php?albumid=11409&pictureid=70304.

The Alu-Cab Ossewa camper is the ultimate solution to family camping adventures.