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old formula 1 posters - Pesquisa Google

1967 Monaco F1 GP - (SILODROME)

Monaco is close, peeps! So here are a few Monaco Grand Prix posters for your pleasure, sadly in low resolution. The 1967 poster hangs proudly on my bedroom wall, I’m eager to get my hands on a few more. I need a bigger apartment though :)

The Italian Job Car Chase Scene   1969

The Italian Job Car Chase Scene - 1969 - (SILODROME)

Vintage Citroen D & DS Advertising Posters and Prints - From Vintage Venus Australia.

Citroen D & DS - Advertisement / Poster / Retro / Vintage / Mid Century / Mod / Car / Auto

Bugatti poster ~ 1930

This is an Art Deco style Bugatti poster. Art Deco is a minimalist style to some extent as it uses bold lines and shapes with attention to the whole rather than detail. I think posters like this come off as classy but quite boring.