03.29.2013 | t-shirt design for Free & Brave by daanish #red #typography #POTD99

The font fits the whole shirt and cathes the viewers eye to give it a great compositiion.

Nike Graphics 2012 by Mats Ottdal

25 Awesome T-shirt Designs

T-Shirt by stormyfuego. music. headphones. #tshirt http://www.pinterest.com/TheHitman14/the-t-shirt-%2B/

I like this t-shirt and how it's made up of text. The outline of the lips and detailing on the nose are clearly visible, the sunglasses and headset are different coloured text to make it stand out.

Works for other color schemes too. Like blue and orange...red and blue...pink and green...

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Als iemand die zelf t-shirts wil maken spreekt me dit erg aan. De afbeelding zelf is al mooi, maar dan zit er ook nog een boodschap in. Zet me zeker aan het denken over wat ik zelf wil maken!

Create Something New Everyday. We love this t-shirt design by Calvin Sprague, currently up for pre-order over on the Cotton Bureau’s site. Cotton Bureau features design submissions, then sees if