The timeless design of the Toyota 2000GT

The timeless design of the Toyota I first saw this model in the movie THX.

1967 Toyota 2000GT

【昭和のくるま大集合Vol.11】トヨタ 2000GT/ソアラ/パブリカ/カリーナ[写真蔵

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Toyota 2000GT - repined by #MotorcycleHouse

Toyota 2000GT - repined by #MotorcycleHouse

1966-Toyota-2000GT-Targa-Bond-Movie-Car-Idea-Realized-But-Earned-Only-200k-in-RM-Auctions-London-2010-25.jpg 2,046×1,228 ピクセル

1966 Toyota Targa Bond Movie Car Idea Realized But Earned Only in RM Auctions London 2010 25 photo