The timeless design of the Toyota 2000GT

The timeless design of the Toyota I first saw this model in the movie THX.

Toyota on Toyota #cars #vintage

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1967 Toyota 2000GT

【昭和のくるま大集合Vol.11】トヨタ 2000GT/ソアラ/パブリカ/カリーナ[写真蔵

Toyota 2000GT

The Toyota is perhaps one of the finest looking cars every made. Dylan Leff was lucky enough to get the chance to photograph this beautiful example, check out the results.

Toyota 2000GT - repined by #MotorcycleHouse

Toyota 2000GT - repined by #MotorcycleHouse

1966-Toyota-2000GT-Targa-Bond-Movie-Car-Idea-Realized-But-Earned-Only-200k-in-RM-Auctions-London-2010-25.jpg 2,046×1,228 ピクセル

1966 Toyota Targa Bond Movie Car Idea Realized But Earned Only in RM Auctions London 2010 25 photo