Singer Porche

Porsche 911 - From Singer. Without a doubt the kind of car I want most in the world.

Ford GT40 1968

The guys from sent me an interesting one: “5 of the most expensive classic cars ever sold” (38 Photos)

The Ford 1968 not only ran & won races, but Steve McQueen chose it for his movie “Le Mans” making it even more iconic.

1969 Porsche 917K

1969 Porsche 917K

1969 Porsche the car (and movie) that got it all started for me. Damn you Steve McQueen!

Lamborghini Aventador Gulf edition

Lamborghini Aventador Gulf edition - I'm not really a fan of the Lambo, but that really is a stunning car, right there.

Caterham Lotus 7 Custom 4 - repined by #MotorcycleHouse

Caterham 7 Indy Custom

Caterham 7 Indy Custom concept by Swedish designers at Bo Zolland Design AB

GULF Colors!

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