greater swiss mountain dog puppy:)

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, I was thinking I might like a Bernese Mountain Dog but this looks the same with short hair. Maybe I will find one in my stocking this Christmas.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog -

Entlebucher Mountain Dog -

Boomer the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - Funny Pictures of Puppy Dogs Upside Down

This is Boomer, a male Greater Swiss Mountain Dog from St. Boomer is a 5 month old Swissy who loves playing outside and running around with the horses and cows at the ranc.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog <3

Marina says, " Charlie is 3 months old on the picture and always enjoys your products, especially trachea. This photo made by our friend Thadd Zehnder in March Today Charlie is almost 5 months old. He is Swiss Mountain - Entlebucher dog.

Early Morning Walk by ~spongejar

i love swishes! my prize pup.

greater swiss mountain dog mix - so pretty

greater swiss mountain dog mix - so pretty This guy looks just like my dog!What a pretty dog!