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8 reasons why you arent getting stronger

Strength is one of the most sought after fitness skills. The idea of moving heavy weight in a workout—not to mention the aesthetic benefits that getting stron

Squat! dammit. They called me out on the smith machine squats. Lol. I've been doing bar squats for a bit now.

Another pinner said-beautyandthebeastmode: Squat Everyday. (A** to Ankles Low), Squat just because it will give you the muscle you need and the curves you want. Just Squat heavy, because somewhere a lady is warming up with your max weight.

Stretching for the shoulders!

Unlocking tight shoulders and chests are something that I focus on constantly with my yoga students, CrossFitters and training clients. Rounded shoulders and tight chest muscles have become the norm in our society as we are constantly hunched over desks.

Olympic Weightlifting Levels Chart

A chart of skill level classification for Olympic weightlifting that includes snatch, clean & jerk, back squat, front squat and total

How to best learn and develop snatch and clean & jerk technique for Olympic weightlifting.

Six Truths of Olympic Weightlifting Technique by Greg Everett - Olympic Weightlifting - Catalyst Athletics - Olympic Weightlifting

How to fix a slow turnover in the snatch for Olympic Weightlifting with strength and technique work

Arm Bend in the Snatch & Clean: It’s Still Not the Solution to Your Bad Lifting by Greg Everett - Olympic Weightlifting - Catalyst Athletics - Olympic Weightlifting