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two wooden crosses sitting on top of a wooden floor
Anubis – Staff & purse
I’m calling the hanging ankh a ‘purse’ even if it isn’t actually a purse… basically it’s just an ankh that I’ll end up carrying, so I’m calling it a …
a bird is perched on top of a small house made out of sticks and twigs
Фото 931122771272 из альбома Кормушки для птиц. Смотрите в группе Море идей в ОК
three pine cones with red hats are on a white table cloth and one is hanging from the side
30 Fun Pinecone Crafts Perfect for Making Memories with the Family
a hand is holding some red and white cones with pine cones attached to them, on a blue background
SKRZATY – zawieszki na choinkę |
a snowman ornament hanging from a tree branch with pine cones on it
17 recycled craft ideas for Christmas tree ornaments