Rock Art Wood SignBirds in a Branch Rustic Pallet by ReUseItArt

Rock Art Wood SignBirds in a Branch Rustic Pallet by ReUseItArt Welcome sign School project Lauren B Montana

We used to collect pine cones and acorns from accross the street from out house! My grandmom was rocking the DIY wreath a long time ago!

20 Christmas Wreaths to Make

I love natural decorations ! Such as this unique wreath, it made with pine cones, nut shells and acorns. This natural pine cone wreath will look great han

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Burlap Gift Bags, Set of FOUR, Shabby Chic Christmas Wrapping, Berry and Jute Twine Wrapped Wreath, Jute Twine Tie, Size: 7" x 11".

Be unique this Christmas with these reusable gift bags. They would be great for small gifts, treat bags or for favor bags at your Christmas party. You will receive a set of Four burlap gift bags with Berry and Jute Twine Wrapped Wreaths on them. Four jute / Foto # 172 - 1 - Auroraten

Make a tribe of cute crafted pine cone elves to decorate far more than the elf on the shelf could ever manage. Pine cones, felt, brown pipe cleaners, a wooden bead and a bit of paint plus needle and thread are all you need to make your own pine cone elf

Chic and full of style, our office is all a buzz with the topic of these cute little autumn inspired mugs. - From The Home Decor Discovery Community of

100 Festive Fall Updates for Under $100

Autumn Aspen Forest Large Personalized Mugs by MaryElizabethArts, or buy plain white mugs and create sharpie art on it and bake it in at for 30 min, great gift idea!

The Enchanted Tree: Acorn Cap Toadstool Ornaments.

jesień, grzyby, muchomoryThe Enchanted Tree: Acorn Cap Toadstool Ornaments with white wool roving stems.

DIY Mason Jar Lantern for your Wedding Reception - - Bridesmaid Planning, Gifts and Resources

Fun DIY project for the backyard. Well now! I've got lots of candle jars from our old homes an now we have no trees in our yard but we do have a wood fence along the back!