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#Nudibranch (Cuthona yamasui hamatani) - Photo: Roberto Sozzani

cool-critters: “Cuthona yamasui Cuthona yamasui is a species of sea slug, a nudibranch. This species seems to be quite variable in colour. Its habitat is the tropical Indo-West Pacific.

Phidiana hiltoni

Phidiana hiltoni - This nudibranch grows to 50 mm, or a little more than 2 inches in length. The reddish or brownish line across its head is almost always present, and is very characteristic of the species.

Deep Sea Creature

KING RAGWORM Alitta virens ©Alexander Semenov Another great shot by Alexander Semenov! Alitta virens is an annelid worm that burrows in wet sand and mud. It is classified as a polychaete in the family Nereididae . Sandworms make up a large part of.