Janička Jungová

Janička Jungová

Janička Jungová
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MLP - Nightmare Cotton and Greg by merrypaws on DeviantArt

King Graven of the changelings had found his match in this mare, who called herself Thorny Trap. MLP - Nightmare Cotton and Greg

Hot Digital Art by DanteWontDie

That comes up rather a lot these days, the issue of stern parenting. Those who were raised in such a manner will probably require stern parental oversight for the rest of their lives.

for the bridal shower. so cute

Show people you care with a diamond ring of ice! Use this flexible silicone tray to make unique Diamond Ring Ice Cubes. One Diamond Ring Ice Cube tray makes six ice pieces.

cake layers

My Favorite Things: Kitchen Gadgets How much do you love awesome kitchen gadgets? Here are My Favorite Things: Kitchen Gadgets for Eggs, Cherries, Cake, etc. This post contains affiliate links Cake Layer Slicing Kit Icing Sculptor Tool… View Post

Tuscan foyer

Massive grand entrance that is two stories in height. Half-landing stair case is far off to the right of the entry hall. Large arched window above the front door along with skylights in the hall flood the space with light. - Dream Homes