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Zion Hessen

Czech Republic / All you need to know is there.
Zion Hessen
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The astonishing year old tattoos of a Siberian princess . Daily × by image The tattoos of one of two warriors found on the ancient permafrost burial site at Ukok

Vintage tarot card; like the way they used to draw/print astrological entities like this.

A vintage Tarot Card “Enlightenment”. "The Sun" has ties to the astrological sign of Leo, and is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards int he deck.

Another flash tattoo inspired illustration. Again these elements have been inspired by the mystic motifs of alchemy. The illustrations are unified through the style by using bold lines to create shading

I did this Hannibal-themed flash sheet more as ink practice than with the intent to actually tattoo any of it, but in case anybody around Montreal/Toronto is interested in getting one of these, shoot me a message!



Planting, growing, harvesting, and storing Valerian

Valerian is a powerful herb that can be used medicinally for anxiety, pain relief, headaches.However, older plants don't have viable roots.

ALQUIMIA VERDADERA: En todos los matraces vemos el FUEGO SECRETO colocado debajo de ellos. Toda la Gran Obra se hace por medio de este Fuego, al cual debemos buscar, orando y laborando, hasta encontrarlo. Porque si lo encuentras, puedes hacer tu propia PIEDRA FILOSOFAL. AV

Appears to depict the process of the Earth creating dew, then going through the cooking stages to become Ormus gold, or the "elixir of life" / Alchemy / Embodied